Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Economical Epicurean Now Caters!

...Or would like to!

Although it's still just in the idea phase, I'm getting to work on opening a (very small, to start) catering business from my home, and I'm really excited about it! This is not to say I'll be quitting my day job -- for now I will keep it a weekend and occasional weeknight gig only (assuming I can get any gigs in the first place!).

Catering businesses are a dime a dozen in the DC area, and I'm sure demand has declined significantly over the past year. I'm hoping I can develop a reputation as the dirt cheap caterer who uses a lot of seasonal ingredients and brings in da funk. Okay, not dirt cheap, but I do want the privilege of continuing to call myself the Economical Epicurean. And I do want to also bring in da funk, whatever that means.

So, if you or any of your friends and associates are planning a party of any kind (well, any party with 100 guests or fewer -- not sure if my kitchen is equipped for more!), consider me! You'll save a lot of money and time and the party will be awesome! I definitely need to come up with a catchier tagline than that.

For more information, email me at Thanks!


Jasmine said...

I wish I had an event that needed catering! Your lasagna is heavenly!!!!

Danny said...

Diana, that's awesome... too bad Mim and I don't throw anything worth catering at the moment :) If we do, you'll be the first to know of course.

Mike Hernandez said...

Will you cater for one? Sometimes I really just dont feel like cooking. Also, I'll take an order of da funk...